Our World In 2046: We Made It.

Date: 25 December 2045
It has been 30 years since my last post. Nonetheless, the words seem to be falling out of my fingertips without my consent leaving me with no choice but to watch as things unveil. I am head the World Development Agency (WDA) where I, along with many others, have strived to help solve the biggest problems the world has faced for so many years.
Let’s start from the beginning, Donald Trump ruined America. His racist policies and bigoted views lead to some major rows with most the world’s leaders. Consequently, nations began turning their back on America. Thus, turning America into its own worst nightmare, Cuba. The irony lays in the fact that now many Americans risk their lives trying illegally enter Cuba and Mexico. With America out of the way, the two have thrived and their economies have expand at an unprecedented rate. Perhaps the only great thing America did during these 30 years was to be the key player annihilating ISIS.
By 2030 our Co2 production levels were at an all-time high of 50 gigatons. As you can imagine this began to severely affect our environment and our health. It was only then that our world leaders unanimously decided to give the WDA the means to create a game plan, that each nation would adhere by. All nations sent their countries top environmental scientists to Greenland to develop a solution to our environmental problems. Nine months after, WGA declared that all people of the world were legally obliged to spend 4 hours per week picking up all the rubbish then carefully recycling it. We incentivised it by rewarding the people with a salary. However, not everyone complied and each nation was left to enforce their people in whichever way they saw fit. Soon people began to disappear in most countries, all of them had one thing in common a lack of participation.
WGA also created billions of jobs by employing people to clean the ocean, which resulted in the abolition of world poverty and hunger, which was an unimaginable feeling. Soon enough we began to see changes, but it wasn’t enough. In 1940, we an answer was found. The scientists discovered a way to use Solar energy to completely cancel the need for all modes of transportation and heavy machinery to use oil. By doing all this, our planet has rejuvenated and is currently as healthy as it was in 1954. With animal populations growing at a rate like never before, now there exists no need for brutal farming methods. WDA has pushed since the beginning for the implementations of laws against animal cruelty and now it has become a reality with very high penalties to those who do not abide.
These last thirty years, I have seen the world flourish. Our technology reached new heights with the introduction of self-driving solar cars. I have seen strides in medicine with the emergence of vaccinations for almost all diseases and medication that takes the place of a scalpel rendering surgery unnecessary. With free healthcare and the eradication of poverty and hunger I look at the world thirty years ago and I am ashamed it did not happen sooner. I am ashamed that we let our capitalist mentality blur lines and confuse our priorities. Although we do not live in a utopia and I know there are so many things that we have yet to tackle, I believe it’s important that we recognize that things could have gone a lot differently and needless to say a lot worse. I find myself remembering the anxiety that plagued my younger self as I asked the question that so many before had asked, how do we change the world? Today, I find solace in our strides and I tell that young 20 year old girl in me: We made it.


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